Wednesday, 8 August 2012

White sourdough

Having stored my sourdough starter in the fridge as described at the end of the post here, I reactivated it to make a white sourdough loaf.

To reactivate the starter I removed it from the fridge, removed and disposed of half and then added 100g of white flour and enough warm water to take the starter to a thick paint consistency. I left this overnight. and then made my loaf as described here, using all white flour instead of any wholemeal.

The white loaf seems a little softer then one made with spelt and wholemeal flour. It spread a little more on the baking tray and the end texture of the bread was a little lighter than the wholemeal. Its too close to call, both will be baked weekly in my house from now on.

This bread makes an excellent sandwich, is good toasted and, left to go a little stale, makes fantastic croutons and crunchy topping for macaroni cheese!


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