Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter mini egg cupcakes

I know, I know Easter has been and gone. In my defence I have not been lazy and posted days late, I have only just made these and I have stockpiled mini eggs so I could!

The premise for them is very easy.

Pick your favourite vanilla cupcake recipe, and pick your favourite chocolate cupcake recipe.  Admittedly I am still striving to find my favourites of these. Frosting is nearly there but the chocolate cupcake could do with work.  

Bash up some of your mini eggs, making sure you reserve enough for the tops!

That’s the last picture until the end I wanted to take more but many disasters hampered my efforts. Firstly I had forgotten to take the butter out, I ran out of eggs, my little electric mixer broke, (poor mark was dispatched for new replacements on both theses occasions!). This meant a total rush with barely enough time for cupcakes let alone pictures!

Make your batter for both the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Once the batter is made, scoop 1 spoonful into each bun case.

Stir the bashed up eggs into the remaining batter of each cupcake mix and finish filling up the cases. I fill them this way as a preventative measure, I was trying to prevent my bits of egg sinking and sticking, which could make the cases hard to remove.

Cook your cupcakes and allow to cool.

Top your vanilla cupcakes with a chocolate frosting and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting.

On go the reserved mini eggs and voila, easter nest cupcakes.  

I like my vanilla cupcake recipe but I think that I need to keep looking for that perfect chocolate cupcake recipe.

Stirring a bar of melted and cooled green and blacks 85% chocolate into the chocolate frosting prevents it from being too sweet and makes it lovely and chocolatey.

Make sure you add plenty of vanilla to your vanilla frosting, I personally like vanilla paste or pods, nobody wants to taste pure butter and icing sugar.


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