Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sooty's cupcakery

Hidden away on Castlegate in York is Sooty's cupcakery. As far as I am aware this is the first cupcakery that York has. As much as I love Yorkshire baking treats (curd tart, yum) there is always room for more, so hurrah for Sootys.

When I went in it was very quiet, its possibly as it was lunchtime and most people perhaps do not consider a cupcake as lunch food. 

There were a number of different variety's of cupcake on display along with a few homemade biscuits too (these were HUGE). Flavours of cupcake today included vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, lemon curd, mint crunch, hazelnut mocha, baileys and a divine looking one with an oreo on top! 

Having selected the lemon curd one along with a cup of tea I was very pleasantly surprised at the grand total of £2.48. Its a decent sized cake and decent mug of tea, I would not get a coffee in many chains for that.

Once seated I had a better nosey at their price board. £1.49 for the cupcakes, £0.99 for a variety of tea, £1.80 for cappuccino's and mocha's. Not sure how much an americano was but you can bet your bottom dollar that it is highly reasonable too. 

There is some seating inside, enough for 8 people I think, and as it was quiet and kind of drizzling outside, I stayed in to enjoy my cupcake.

The cake itself was lovely and moist with a nice flavour and had a generous dollop of lemon curd baked into the centre. The frosting was luscious and smooth, and subtly vanilla flavoured. There was another dollop of lemon curd on the top too. 

All in all I very much enjoyed my cake and would definitely go back (the oreo one is calling to me!). I urge any yorkies or people visiting York to hunt it out and enjoy a lovely piece of homebaking without breaking the bank.



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