Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mini Victoria sponges

I love Victoria sponge, a very unassuming looking cake that tastes delicious. I am not a huge traditionalist over my Victoria sandwich though,  and if I want cream in it I shall put cream in it (Sorry ladies of the WI).

As much as I love it, I do not have it as much as I would perhaps like, so often it is eclipsed my another more showy cake when offered in a tea room/bakery/cafe. Secondly to make a whole one between two is wasteful as, if the cream does get put in, we cannot possibly finish it in time.

Enter Lakeland and their solutions to most baking dilemmas. The mini Victoria sponge tin with loose bottoms for easy removal of the cakes.

The tin without the bottoms in. 
A 3 egg Victoria sponge mix will make all 12, or you could use 2 eggs for 8 cakes or 1 egg for 4. It is the perfect solution to my problems, not to mention that the finished mini cakes are just so darn cute! I have said this before but why are small versions of their larger counterparts so adorable?

Mini Victoria sponges

makes 12

3 large eggs, weighed in their shells
The weight of the eggs in room temp butter
The weight of the eggs in caster sugar
tsp vanilla paste/extract
The weight of the eggs in self raising flour

Preheat the oven to 170C/150C FAN. 

Weigh the eggs in the shells and set aside. Ito a bowl add the same weight of butter and caster sugar. For example if your eggs come to 190g weigh out 190g of both butter and sugar. Add the vanilla to the bowl. Cream the butter and sugar together, using an electric mixer, for 5 minutes until very light and fluffy.
Look how pretty the vanilla paste is
Weigh the flour into a separate bowl (again the same weight as the eggs). Add the eggs one at a time to the butter mix, along with a spoonful of the weighed flour. Mix until combined. Repeat with the two remaining eggs, adding a spoonful of the weighed flour each time. Add the rest of the flour and mix, make sure everything is combined but do not over mix at this point. 

Divide your mix between the mini tins. If you do not have mini tins you could use a greased cake tin, the base of which should be lined with baking paper, or parchment.

Put the cakes in the oven for 20-25 minutes (for a full sized cake leave for 30-35 minutes).

Once done allow to cool for a minute or two in the tin then transfer the cakes to a wire rack to completely cool. 
Once cool the cakes can be split and filled with a filling of your choice. This time I chose cream and jam.

I whipped my cream with vanilla paste until softly whipped then divided into two bowls. In one bowl I added a good 2 tbsps of blueberry jam, and in the other strawberry jam. I continued beating until the jam was combined.

I spread half the cakes with blueberry jam and the other with strawberry. I then added a heaped teaspoon of the corresponding cream onto the cakes.

Adding some jam to the cream, naturally flavours it and dyes it pretty colours.

The strawberry cream is especially delicious, I ate the leftovers with a spoon straight from the bowl!

You could of course just use jam to sandwich your cakes. Or jam and buttercream. Or cream and fresh berries. Or chocolate spread. In fact the possibilities are endless. Why don't you get creative?


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