Sunday, 23 June 2013

Raspberry ricotta buckle

Does anyone else watch Anna Olsen? I will admit, at first I was not convinced by the show. However her bakes looked delicious and after a while I realised it was nice to have a cooking show with good instructions and all about the food itself. Not me me me.

I needed a cake I could knock up pretty quickly, that did not need frosting etc and I remembered she has had a few recipes on coffee cakes. I quickly found a recipe for her raspberry ricotta buckle. It sounded highly intriguing. The ricotta replaces the majority of the butter in the cake.

It is a sponge cake, topped with raspberries and topped again with a streusel topping.
The exact recipe I used can be found here.

The first day the streusel topping has a fantastic crunch, but I think the cake flavour is more pronounced the second day.

It may have been my first Anna Olsen bake but it will not be my last, her instructions a clear and concise and the result is brilliant. I have my eye on a few recipe, now which shall I bake first?

As both raspberry and ricotta both begin with 'R' I am going to enter this cake into this months alpha bakes.


  1. I'm going to have to start watching Anna Olsen now. This looks delicious and I love the double R entry :) I'm not sure it would last till the second day if I bake this as I'm pretty sure it will all be eaten immediately! Thanks for entering AlphaBakes

  2. It's my favorite task to bake a proper coffee cake.

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment