Friday, 28 June 2013

Healthy (ish) creme brulee

I adore creme brulee, if I see it on a restaurant menu is is always a strong contender for dessert. It is not something I make at home as I do see it as a once in a while indulgent treat.

However this months good food magazine contained a recipe for a healthy creme brulee. I was a little suspicious initially but then I read the ingredients and realised it still contained cream and eggs so was some weird pretend creme brulee.

It uses milk and single cream instead of double, uses cornflour as well as eggs to help thicken it and adds some half fat creme fraiche. The main difference is that this brulee is cooked entirely on the stove top, there is no baking in the oven

My curiosity was aroused and so I decided to try it, nothing ventured nothing gained!

I followed the recipe exactly, I know it will be online in just a couple of days so I will add the link then.

This creme brulee was lovely. The caramelised sugar topping was just like your normal creme brulee and it gave way to a lovely thick vanilla custard. The creme fraiche added a slight sharpness which I actually really liked.

All in this is a lovely creme brulee, and as it is substantially healthier than the regular version it can be worked into my life a lot more which, when it comes to creme brulee, can only be a good thing.


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