Friday, 7 June 2013

Berry and lime drizzle cake

When asked if he had any burning baking requests last week Mark said 'cake', then he clarified, a 'cake with fruit'. To be clear he did not want a fruit cake, no no, just a fruity sort of cake, i.e orange, lemon, apple, strawberry, that sort of thing.

Clearly the raspberry victoria sponge cake that had just been polished off did not satisfy the cake and fruit craving.

I didn't want anything too complicated and so decide a tray bake would be best, I was not really in a lemon drizzle mood but found a berry lime tray bake on the bbc good food website.

The recipe is here. I made a couple of tweaks. Firstly I substituted half of the butter of an equal amount of apple sauce. Secondly I reduced the sugar in the glaze to 40g and reduced the glaze to more of a syrup. Not only does this make for a slightly healthier cake it also intensifies the lime.

This is a tasty cake, I love the zing the lime syrup gives. It has a soft, moist texture and keeps well for up to 5 days in an airtight tin.


  1. This looks really inviting. I love the idea of that lime syrup to liven things up.

    1. It is certainly lively! I love it n cocktails but quite often forget about it in baking.