Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Salted- chocolate dipped- caramels

I have a few blog posts to catch up on thanks to arriving back home after Christmas to find a leaky roof and very damp bedroom....

This post is a short and sweet one. I wanted to make caramels for my parents as part of their Christmas present. Caramels that hold their own shape and can be wrapped up individually but that are definitely caramel not toffee.

There are a few recipes out there but in the end I plumped for this one from joyofbaking.com .
The only tweaks I made were to salt my caramels with sea salt and to dip them in chocolate. I actually made a mistake when buying the chocolate. I thought had bought lindt milk chocolate but when opening it I discovered I had bought their truffle in bar form. Not to worry though, it melted beautifully and I actually lightly salted the chocolate too.

I half dipped the caramels in the chocolate and left them on baking parchment to set. When the chocolate was nearly nearly set I placed an individual flake of sea salt on each caramel.
I sampled one of these, quality control you understand, and it was divine. Soft caramel with a hint of chocolate and salt, delicious. The recipients seemed to enjoy them too.


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