Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sticky toffee pudding (dairy free)

At Easter I go over to my fiancés family home. Easter Sunday sees the traditional leg of lamb, followed by whatever I create as a pudding.

This is a tricky one I often make two desserts to keep all happy. It's even more tricky now I cannot eat dairy. 

I love the fantastic oh she glows blog from Angela Liddon, on there is a divine sticky toffee pudding. I used agave syrup instead of brown rice syrup, dark muscavado sugar and pure sunflower spread.

Everybody complemented this pudding and could not believe there was no butter or cream. An added bonus of this pudding is that it a little healthier than your standard sticky toffee without being a boring no fun dessert.

The blog is beyond gorgeous go take a look, and next time you need to please others (not to mention yourself) make this pudding!


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