Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Banana, oat and raisin Sourdough

This months cupcake book club read was set in, and around, a bakery and inspired me to get creative with my sourdough.

I already have a sourdough starter which I have had for just over 3 months. Up until now I have only made white or wholemeal loaves, well once I added a little Gruy√®re!

So after this book I made a slightly more adventurous one, banana, oat and raisin.
There were mixed opinions on the finished loaf, M loved it and would eat the lot in one sitting if allowed. I was not so much of a fan. I found it denser than my previous sourdough loafs, I guess this could be due to the banana. Having made nice light, soft loaves over the past few weeks I am almost certain that I made no flaws technique wise, but hey, everyone makes mistakes once in a while so maybe I did something. I suppose I would have to make it again to find out.
I will not be deterred however and plan to make an adventurous savoury sourdough too.

My sourdough starter, sponge and loaf recipes can be found on the blog. The breakfast sourdough idea came from Paul Hollywood's latest book.


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