Saturday, 1 November 2014

Final bake off and a catch up

Hi, I know my blog is just a hobby and nothing bad is going to happen should I miss a few posts but I still feel really bad having abandoned my little blog for long.

To cut a long story short I have been ill and was in hospital and so I did not particularly want to eat let alone bake.

When I did bake I was baking items that I have made previously and are already on the blog! I did my final bake along with bake off. I recreated their final technical challenge, making mini victoria sponges, mini scones, and mini brownies. You may remember that the contestants made lemon tarts not brownies but I was pressed for time and not about to make a gluten and dairy free pastry topped with a dairy free custard! They all went down very well, in particular I thought the gluten free scones were delicious.

I also entered the science bake off at work (I work in a lab), there was a prize for best decorated science cake and a prize for the yummiest cake. I made cupcakes, chocolate and salted caramel and white chocolate and raspberry. They were gluten free, the chocolate and salted caramel were lactose free and the others were low lactose with 2g of white chocolate per cupcake. My allergy friendly cupcakes won yummiest cake! I was absolutely delighted.

My first bake post hospital was a simple comforting banana bread. Sometimes a simple old classic is what everyone needs.

I am ready to start baking again, I have a fantastic apple butter victoria sponge to share with you tomorrow. If you are wondering what a fruit butter is come back tomorrow and all will be revealed.


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