Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas chelsea buns

I know it is not just me who is in love with the great British bake off. The baked treats, Paul and Marry and of course the words of wisdom from Mel and Sue!

I was very excited to watch the Christmas special and whilst I wanted everything (and I do not even like Christmas pudding) I especially loved the idea of Paul's Christmas Chelsea bun. In case you missed the show this is a savoury Chelsea bun filled with your Christmas leftovers, turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce!

I did not change the recipe at all, who tweaks with a masterpiece? It can be found here.

It was easy to do, and assembly was fun!

It was very pretty to look at.

And most importantly it tasted absolutely delicious, I know for a fact I will not be able to wait till next Christmas and the leftovers it brings to make these again. I will have to engineer the leftovers specially!


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