Sunday, 23 December 2012

Iced Christmas cake with home-made marzipan

A few weeks ago I told you about how I had made mini Christmas cakes in Kilner jars. Well the time had come to decorate them all ready for a hamper.

First I made home made marzipan, the recipe can be found here. I did substitute the vanilla for a drop of almond extract though.

I rolled my marzipan out to the thickness of a pound coin, and cut out a circle the same size as my cake. I glued it to my cake using warmed raspberry jam. I know traditionally it is meant to be apricot but raspberry is what I had in the fridge.

I then left the marzipan to dry out for two days, this is very important with fresh marzipan.

I then rolled out ready made white icing, again to the thickness of a pound coin and 'glued' it to the marzipan with a little sterile water.

For added decoration I cut out a star from the icing and dusted it in edible gold shimmer, I then glued this to the top of the cake and sealed the jar.

The cake should keep for one to two months.


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