Saturday, 11 May 2013


The smell of freshly made bread is, I think, truly intoxicating. Besides the smell, when you make your own bread you know exactly what goes into it.

With this in mind I decided to make baguettes. Which of course meant yet another trip to cooking shops to buy a baguette tray!
I have a number of baguette recipes and decided to first of all go for Paul Hollywood's recipe in his book 'Bread'.

The recipe was easy to follow and I ended up with lovely soft baguettes with a good crust.

I was about to type the recipe out but then realised the whole thing is here. If the link disappears I will have to return and type up the recipe but sorry to say I am feeling lazy this morning!

I had the baguettes with John Whaite's 'Lone wolf baked eggs', in a word? Delicious.


  1. i've never made baguettes before but these are inspiring me to do it!

  2. The smell alone is worth it!

  3. Well done, I keep hearing how difficult baguettes are too make, but you've put paid to that myth - either that or you are a master baker ;-)

    1. I think the tray really was key. My dough was so soft it would not have held it's shape without it. I would have ended up with some sort of flatbread!